• Online Second Medical Opinion - Way Forward


    We all always seek for opinion about any and everything from our Friends, Family, Colleagues or someone who is relevant to that field / profession (e.g. Doctor, Advocate, etc.). This opinion can be about an inquiry related to boy / girl for marriage, purchasing a new tech gadget, going for higher studies, etc. The point I want to make is to show the way our brain works or thinks when we are facing any situation.

    Same goes true for seeking medical second opinion (it is a review of diagnosis or treatment protocol demanded by the patient from a healthcare provider, other than his / her primary physician or institution). When we or any of our family member is diagnosed with any kind of disease; we start finding more information on the disease and seek for opinions related to its cure, it's treatment, required medication, complexities if any, etc. All these activities are carried out to gather more information and get various opinions related to disease. When the same process is carried out with a healthcare provider; it becomes easier, faster, relevant and authentic.

    Now-a-days, in developed countries trend of getting such medical second opinion on the internet is growing which is also gaining traction in India but we are still at a very nascent stage; the reason being here people feel better when they see the doctor face-to-face. Same is true for the doctors; they are used to treat the patient only after having primary face-to-face interaction. Now, in this fast moving world, where things are changing like anything traction about such technologies can also grow larger than life if execution is proper.

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    Posted by Yatindra Jha

    Posted on Dec 24, 2015