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    Popular digital product store, I visit here most of the time for all new purchases. It’s been almost year visiting this store again. I am thinking to buy a new smartphone so thought of inquiring on the same.

    So, well I was talking to this Sales person (name ABC) nice and polite person with good product knowledge. After few minutes of communication with ABC, he realized I can be a potential customer so his efforts of selling the product was more than 100%.

    Another Sales person (name XYZ, seems like senior sales person) approached ABC and asked him to assist another customer. ABC was reluctant and started explaining to XYZ about my requirement, suddenly I see XYZ pulling ABC little away from me and said

    XYZ - Customer seems not serious about the purchase. Let me take care…

    My eyebrow’s got raised and acted as if discussion is unheard.

    Now, XYZ assisted me and for the sake of attending he started answering my queries. I asked

    Me – If any offers or discounts are available on the purchase.

    XYZ - No, as this is a new model and in demand hence no offers or discounts are available from the manufacturer nor by the store.

    I realized I even need to make a service request for AC’s which I bought from this store itself. XYZ took me to the concerned person sitting on a computer (name CPU) and asked him to help me. I felt as if XYZ was trying to get rid of me.

    The CPU was very polite and took my contact info to trace past purchase in the system and put the service request. While the system was fetching my record and past purchase information CPU suggested me to directly make service request in AC manufacturer’s call center as some free service offer was going on. It was a good idea and took the call center number.

    Now my record was on the screen and CPU confirmed my past purchases from their store

    CPU - ACs, Washing Machine, Laptop, Smart Phone… with a smile.

    XYZ sat next to CPU and asked

    XYZ - You planning to buy phone today? As we have gift coupons for free service worth Rs.500/- which you can use to service your AC’s.

    Me - Within 2 weeks max.

    XYZ - Sir, do buy from our store as new deals will surely come by that time.

    I was bit shocked as few minutes back no offers or discounts existed on the purchase and now they do have one. XYZ’s behavior and attitude and change in it did force me to think not to buy from this store anymore.

    Question - Is it the store or the sales person with whom I am not happy?

    Answer - Sales person obviously, as with others I did had good experience.

    This store trip was of a mix experience Positive and Negative both. But, how many consumers think this way. As most of the time Negative experience takes over Positive experience.

    Posted by Arpith Patel

    Posted on Mar 07, 2016