• Our study shows Ola tops in terms of Awareness and Usage in Ahmedabad.


    “On Demand Cab Services” has become buzz word now-a-days. On top of it, Uber’s China business got acquired by its rival Didi Chuxing which has added flavor into the discussion and after this event various analyst are of opinion that move will help Uber to Expand in Other Emerging Markets. And out of all Emerging Markets, India is poised to face heat in ongoing Ola vs. Uber war!!!

    Keeping all these factors in mind, it is very essential to understand this market first along with all its dynamics. We, at IBR tried to do the same by conducting a short quick research using technology to come up with quick insights in our own city, Ahmedabad. And I am sure, these insights will be helpful to the existing players as well as companies trying to dig deeper into this market.

    Major highlight here is as we all know it is always about Ola vs. Uber. If we compare awareness and usage matrix for both leading players then Ola holds 92 percent awareness and 52 percent usage whereas Uber holds 83 percent awareness and 35 percent usage in Ahmedabad.

    Interesting fact came out is despite Uber having high awareness in this part of country (obviously due to their excellent marketing using bill boards, print media, radio, tie up with local outlets and many more) they are unable to convert the same into increased usage.

    Another surprise came from auto aggregation space, in which despite later launch Jugnoo is able to make more noise (i.e. having more awareness) compared to G-Auto which is having native origin.

    If we try to understand dynamics in terms of users : non users than it is 3:2 i.e. Out of every 5 Amdavadis you will find 3 using on-demand cab service. To add Male users with high usage frequency (i.e. Daily / Twice or Thrice a week) are almost double than Female users.

    Two major drivers for using on demand cab services are Ease of Travel followed by Discounts and Offers.

    Mostly people travel any distance between 5 to 20 km using such services but it is best avoided for short trips (i.e. less than 5 km) and for that matter even long trips (i.e. more than 20 km).

    Two major attributes on which Amdavadis have given thumbs up to such services are 24*7 availability followed by Convenience of Booking.

    High price and Non availability of service in certain areas are the pain points perceived by non-users. When it is about safety and security, it is still a big NO by Female non-users.

    As we know it’s a world of connectivity, so on the similar line Amdavadis want Mobile Charging Facility as well as Free Wi-Fi Internet when they are on move in such cars.

    List is endless, but I would restrict myself to these important highlights. To learn more, you can always download our free report from here http://bit.ly/299FWbd

    If needed more help let’s connect and understand in detail about any questions you might have.

    Posted by Yatindra Jha

    Posted on Aug 09, 2016