What is IDEA?

IDEA testing helps to evaluate the future potential of the proposed product or service. Generate insights about the Idea you are pursuing. You may think it's awesome and to verify it, we test your Idea before launch.

You INVENT / MODIFY + We TEST = Gives new LIFE to a product or service.

It is the process of using quantitative and/or qualitative feedback about the proposed product or service prior to launch in the market and even after actual launch in the market to understand customer perspective in detail; which in turn help the business devise strategy around the perspective.

How IDEA benefits?

It can be used to design communication strategy at the time of formal launch of the proposed product or service, it helps to identify to which segment of population does your Idea appeal and also provides necessary information for adjusting the product, the pricing or the positioning accordingly.

Whether it's a new or existing product we evaluate consumer responses and that have the ability to reshape and refine your Idea, shift your priorities and increase market acceptance. This helps to prioritize customer needs for product development and promotion.

IBR focuses not only on human behavior but even their needs which tells us what future customer wants that helps businesses not to make risky bets and make sound decisions.

Let's make your Ideas go long and be the Winner. Unlock new markets and identify new strategies with us. Send us your quick inquiry today.

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