What is In-The-Moment?

In-The-Moment is about collecting Customer Experience (CX) while they are fresh in their minds. A perfect way to capture micro-moments of your customers and measure their experience and satisfaction on real-time basis. Customer experience is measured during all points of interaction with the brand against their expectations.

Life is the name of the moment. In other words, experiencing the moment is experiencing life. Let's be In-The-Moment to experience everything.

How In-The-Moment benefits?

This research explores your customer’s journey map that will help you to better understand your customers and identify gaps between their expectations and reality. We cover all main touch points and find out how your customers feel while interacting with your brand. Identify areas which work well and those that need improvement. Highlight customer buying patterns and factors that affect their buying. A seamless customer experience helps increase in brand’s sales and profitability.

IBR does understand customer experience really matters for every brand. So, let’s get In-The-Moment with us and make your customer experience worthwhile. Send us your quick inquiry today.

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