Make Your Packaging Pop (and Persuade)

Your packaging is often the first impression a customer has of your product. It's your silent salesperson on the shelf. Pack testing delves into the psychology of design, exploring how colours, shapes, and materials influence consumer perception and purchase decisions. Ensure your packaging doesn't just look good – it sells good.

Packaging is often a customer's first impression. Effective packaging not only looks great but also communicates your brand's values and caters to the consumer's lifestyle.

Inquisitive minds want to know...🤔

  • Does the packaging design effectively communicate our brand identity?

  • Is the packaging easy to open, use and dispose of?

  • Does the packaging stand out on the shelf and attract the target consumer?

  • Shelf Tests: Evaluate how your packaging stands out and attracts attention on a simulated store shelf, often using eye-tracking technology.

  • A/B Testing: Compare two or more packaging variations to determine which performs better in terms of attracting attention, conveying information, or driving purchase intent.

Insights Board Research can provide definitive answers to the key questions surrounding pack testing, transforming your packaging into a powerful brand asset. Through a combination of mix methods:

  • Usability Testing: Assess the functionality and ease of use of your packaging, including opening, closing, dispensing, and storing.

And also through other more methods we can assess if your packaging design effectively communicates your brand identity, resonates with your target audience and stands out on the shelf.

As eye-tracking studies reveal how shoppers visually engage with your packaging, while usability tests uncover any difficulties in opening, using or disposing of the product.

By understanding both the aesthetic appeal and functional aspects of your packaging, you will be equipped to make data-driven decisions that optimise its impact on consumer perception and purchase decisions.

Increase Purchase Intent – Uncover the Power of Effective Packaging Design.

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